Teeth Whitening

Everyone Loves a Beautiful Smile

There is something unique about having a radiant smile that increases your level of confidence, your self esteem, and most definitely your desire to smile more. It is amazing how much our smile affects our daily lives and how much it affects others around us. What is just as amazing is how a smile with someone can create a viral affect and make them feel so much better about themselves. Sharing a smile doesn’t cost a penny, but it’s rewards are priceless. Our Chair-Side Premium Whitening System and Whiter Image™ TOGO Whitening Pens deliver affordable, long-term results!



One of the Most Advanced, Easy to Use Products in the Industry Offering Outstanding Results

Unique, European patent pending technology that is easy to use with instant results and no mess.  Each kit includes a mouth tray already prefilled with our new, advanced whitening solution in a paste format that is vacuum sealed in a foil pouch to ensure freshness and stability. The whitening solution includes hydrators designed for sensitive teeth. The customer simply opens the pouch and inserts the mouthpiece with the gel already included and uses the optional LED light to accelerate the product.


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