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The active ingredient in our professional spray-on tanning is *(DHA). When applied to the skin, DHA reacts with skin cells in the outermost layer of skin to temporarily darken the skin’s appearance. The coloring doesn’t wash off, but it gradually fades as the skin cells slough off — typically about two weeks.

Topical sunless tanning products are considered safe alternatives to sunbathing.

Spray on tanning can provide an even, natural-looking tan as applied by our professional technicians. For best results, follow these guide lines:

  • Exfoliate first. Before your spray tan session, wash your skin with a wash cloth or sponge to remove excess dead skin cells. If you typically shave your legs, do so before your spray tan session.
  • No oils, lotions, or make-up. Naked skin provides the best opportunity for the spray on-tan to adhere best and hold its color the longest.
  • Take time to dry. Take the time to dry prior to dressing. Most people jump in the stand-up tanning unit to finish the drying process.  Plan your next few hours such that the spray-on tanner can continue to be absorbed by your skin without the influence of sweat or oils or showering.  This will help keep your color even.

Note: According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the most effective sunless tanning products contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as the active ingredient. DHA is a colorless chemical (it is derived from glycerin) that interacts with the amino acids in dead skin cells to produce a brown color change. Since these dead skin cells are constantly being shed, the color change produced by DHA usually lasts about five to seven days.

DHA is not absorbed through the skin into the body and it has no known toxicity. DHA was first discovered by the Germans in the late 1920’s when DHA spilled on the skin produced a brown color. DHA has been listed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 1973, and has been used in cosmetic preparations for almost 30 years.

Remember, a spray on tan may not contain sunscreen. If you spend time outdoors, protect your skin with generous amounts of sunscreen.

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